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“Five Minutes English” 第一課 :: 2012/01/30(Mon)

speed learning

最近は皆英語の勉強に興味がありそうです。ラジオで毎日「Five minutes English[五分の英語)と言う番組を放送したり、「Speed learning」(スピード勉強)と言う英語の勉強の資料のコマールシャルもやっています。このCDを聞くと英語のシャワーを浴びるように言葉が自然に頭に入ると言うことです。

Recently everybody seems to be interested in learning English. Even the Radio is every day broadcasting a program called “Five Minutes English”. Also they are advertising “Speed Learning”, an English training program, which is based on just listening to a CD and is supposed to work like “a shower of English”.



This method seems to work out well as Mr. Yoshimura’s English becomes better and better by taking “English showers”.


But it looks like if for Mr.Yoshimura it is not enough taking showers. So he invented a method we will call the “English Bath”. This is how it works Just repeat the same English sentence over and over while keeping on working. By adjusting the rhythm of the words to the movement of your body, you will remember them easily. (Of course it also works for learning Japanese.)

Which do you like 

For example if you are glazing pots, try this

“Which do you like?”  どちらがいいですか? (Dochiraga iidesuka?)

Tee or Coffee


窯をだしながら: Or while you are taking the fired pots from the kiln say

Tee or coffee? 紅茶とコーヒー?(koucha to kouhii?)



三時に: And at 3pm

Let’s have a break!  休憩しましょう!(Kyukei shimashou!) 

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